Why I love Disney so much ⭐️

Why do I love Disney so much? Someone asked me this question last week and it really got me thinking about why I love it so much.  The simple answer is that it makes me so very happy and the story of my snow globe collection is a good way to explain it to you.  

When I was a little girl I loved Disney. Then my Auntie Janice and Uncle Charles took me to Disneyland Paris when I was twelve and this just ignited my love for it even more. I used love visiting the Disney Store in Eldon square (absolutly my favourite place to shop) and I remember heading straight to the snow globes and looking at them in wonder, always hoping that I could own one. 

Then on my 16th birthday I was given my first snowglobe, The Lion King and I loved it. I started collecting them and built up a lovely little collection over the years.

When I was eighteen, I fell pregnant with Aoife and I think the realities of daily life, being a young mam, going out with my friends, getting my job as a Head of year, I kind of forgot all about my love for Disney.  In fact my snow globes stayed in my parents loft for years….

I went through a phase in my life when I didn’t really like myself, I was approaching my thirties, single after being unlucky in love and decided that I needed to concentrate on me and what makes me happy. So in April 2009 I decided that I wouldn’t go on any more dates, start being healthy and I had in my mind that something amazing would happen in April 2010 (this is a true story, I told all of my friends) Then April 2010 arrived and guess what? I met Gareth.  This was the night we became a couple 😊

I honestly feel like this is when I remembered who I was. Obviously, I fell in love with Gareth and we talked about what we liked and disliked and I think it was the first time since my teens that I could truly be myself. Gareth was so lovely to Aoife. The first time he met her he took her to one side and told her that he never wanted to replace her dad but hat he would like to be her friend. This actually makes me cry thinking about it now. He was so lovely to her. Then he took us all to Disneyland Paris a few months later.  Our first family trip to Disneyland Paris

We were engaged in a year (in st Lucia), Married the following year and James was born the year after. It was a whirlwind but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Gareth’s proposal in St Lucia, Our wedding day and James birth ❤️

We decided to have a Disney themed  wedding and we had snow globes as the centre pieces. Gareth went a bit bidding crazy for them on eBay and my collection doubled (not complaining)  When we bought our first home together in 2014, we designed shelves for the snow globes to be on display. Its almost as though I have gone full circle and now my family, friends and Disney are themes important parts of my life. 

Starting Disneyfind four years ago allowed me to share my love for Disney with everyone else and I have never looked back. Now, when I see an animated Disney character it makes me smile. it brings me joy. I love to walk around the shops and my most favourite thing is to see the reaction of other people. Yesterday this teenage girl (about 15) shopping in Primark with her mam. When she spotted Stitch on some jogging bottoms, her face lit up…. I cried! I know this is sad but thats what Disney does to me. So when you send me messages or tell me that I helped to reignite your love it is incredibly special to me.  So as long as I have Gareth, my family, friends and Disney in my life I know I’ll always be smiling! Oh and not forgetting my snowglobe collection 😉 Let me know why you love Disney below…. Thank you for reading Roisin 

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