Why I had a little break from Instagram ❤️

I have been thinking about writing this for a while and I feel that this is a good time to share and also to explain why I needed to take a little break from Instagram. And before I start I just want to say sorry to anyone who was worried about me. That wasn’t my intention, I decided to delete the app totally out of the blue but in retrospect I should I have let you guys know, so sorry about that. Sooooo, I love social media. I think that it is an environment that people can share their love and passion for all things. A place that they can build friendships with likeminded people. It can serve as a diary , showcasing memories over the years that make you smile. It can be a place to share pictures with family and friends that you might otherwise not see from year to year.

Sadly, there is another side to social media. It can be a competitive environment in which people seem to turn a bit nasty. It is a place that can make people feel jealous, inadequate and create insecurities. It is a place that nasty “trolls” like to lurk and I have to admit this is a side to social media that I find really hard to deal with. Throughout my life I have always tried to avoid conflict or confrontation. I’m just not that kind of person. If I have an argument or a disagreement with someone, I need to resolve it there and then. I don’t hold grudges, I find that negative energy or thoughts just eat away at me and I like to feel happy. It is really hard to avoid conflict and confrontation on social media. I am certain that there have been people who have disliked me over the years, in my private and professional life, but I have dealt with that by avoiding them. You can’t avoid this on social media. If someone doesn’t like you or agree with you they can let you know that and I think this is what I have struggled with. I worry for young people in this world of technology. I can’t imagine being a teenager and comparing myself to people online or falling out with friends and having to cope with issues both in real life and online.

So, yeah sorry for the huge explanation but I just needed to take a little time out to do some soul searching and put things in perspective. I have spent the last week with my family, playing with and caring for the boys, speaking to Aoife several times a day, having heart to hearts with Gareth, meeting friends for coffee, cuddling little babies, spending quality time with my parents and just enjoying the simple things in life.

I think it has given me time to realise that I really miss working with young people. I also believe that everything happens for a reason and I’ve had lots of little signs that feel like the universe telling me that I should go back to work. I have bumped into old students who said lovely things to me and helped me remember how much I enjoyed my job. It is crazy to think I used to give them advice on how to deal with bullies and childish behaviour, yet here I am dealing with it myself online. I have came across old photos and found myself having conversations about working in school. My mam said something completely out of the blue that really hit home. She said ” Just think about what a difference you could make to some young people” and that is what I used to love most about my job. Don’t worry though I am still going to keep doing Disneyfind, but I think I need the balance of both. Maybe it’s my character or age but I definitely struggle with some aspects of social media. I could never give up Disneyfind all together though as I love doing it. I love that there are so many of you who appreciate what I do and share my love for all of the new Disney products out there. I know that I am so lucky to have the experiences and opportunities that I do but I feel like I need to give something back. So nothing much will change, I’m back online now and in a much better frame of mind. I will be on the look out for a job but I might not get one… so you might be stuck with me forever! I also wanted to add that having a social media break really can be good for the soul. Sorry for the huge oversharing but I feel like I’ve been on this crazy journey with you for the last five years and I think it’s only fair that I am honest with you all. Thanks for reading Love Roisin ❤️            

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