My thoughts on Dumbo 🐘

I know I am week behind but we finally managed a cinema date to see Dumbo today.

It’s my nieces birthday so we took James and her little boy Jaidon to Cineworld in Newcastle to watch the remake of one of my favourite Disney films, Dumbo. The original movie holds a special place in my heart as I have always loved the bond between Mrs Jumbo and Dumbo. I think part of the reason is I was parent at such a young age so I felt that I could relate to it. I also feel as though Dumbo is one of Disney’s most iconically adorable characters.

So here are my thoughts on the movie…. I didn’t really know what to expect with Dumbo, I had imagined that it may be quite dark with Tim Burton directing. I was also worried that I may not like the new Dumbo as I had with his predecessor. I was wrong on both fronts. The movie does have dark moments however it also has plenty of magical moments to make you smile and laugh. However, overall the film was not as dark as I had anticipated, rather I found it quite a beautiful film to watch.

From the moment that Dumbo arrived on screen, I fell in love with him. He is simply adorable and you can’t help but others him, his little eyes speak a thousand words. I was most worried about James reaction if it was a little too sad or scary and I was surprised that he really did enjoy it. I think from the opening seen with Casey Junior captured his attention until the final scene. He did cry ( actually weep) but I just reminded him that there is always a happy ending.

I have read some reviews saying that Tim Burton missed the original message of story. I may be out on my own with this one but I actually like that fact it has a slightly varied storyline. I enjoyed the fact that I wasn’t too sure exactly what was going to happen next. There were still plenty of nods to the original that were done very well. Some made me cry. I know that some people have criticised some of the actors by I think the casting was fantastic and in particular I loved seeing Danny Devito on the big screen. The child actors were brilliant as was Eva Green but Colin Farrell absolutely stole the show for me. ( I have had the biggest crush on him forever, so I get this is a biased view) SPOILER Alert 🚨 My favourite moment was when Dumbo flies for the first time. My little nephew squealed and it really was a magical moment. Overall, it was a wonderful movie and went beyond my expectations. James loved it more than I thought he would and I would totally recommend a visit to the cinema to see it! ❀️

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