The Art of Marvel hotel is now open for booking!

Do you have a superhero fan in your family? Either big or small? Imagine waking spending time in a hotel that is completely dedicated to Marvel, from the Art to the furniture, from the restaurants to the food. Well now you can! Booking is now open to stay at the NEW Art of Marvel hotel at Disneyland Paris. You can book here.

When we visited Disneyland Paris earlier this year, we were delighted to see the Hotel New York undergoing a big transformation. Outside the hotel, on the temporary walls around the hotel, some concept art for the hotel was on display and it made us all very excited, especially Gareth and James.

The hotel itself will reopen next summer and it will be the first hotel dedicated too Marvel. Disneyland Paris is collaborating with more than 50 artists from from Marvel comics and Marvel Studios to bring together a collection of various Marvel Art to showcase around he hotel. Here are some more details about the hotel

NEW rooms and suites – All rooms will be redesigned with a modern feel and each room will feature Marvel artwork. There will also be suites that are themed to Spiderman and Avengers (can you imagine their little faces walking into an Avengers themed room?) alongside the artwork, the furniture will also include subtle references to our favourite Superheroes.

For those staying in the Club rooms or suites they will have Exclusive amenities and services and a  Dedicated reception and access to Empire State Lounge.

Even the restaurants sound super exciting, I love that it sounds as though the theming will be everywhere, even in relation to food. There will also be unique restaurants and bars within the hotel that continue to celebrate the Art of Marvel.

You can also meet your favourite Marvel superhero’s at a special Super Hero Station. Here you can meet the superhero’s each morning and become part of the Marvel action.

There will also be a pool, fitness room and a design studio which will run workshops for children to learn to draw their favorite superhero’s. Finally, should you wish to take a souvenir home with you, then you can visit the New York boutique within the hotel. I can’t wait to visit with Gareth and the boys and I have a feeling that Gareth will be like a little boy again.

Are you looking forward to the Art of Marvel hotel? Check out booking and offers available here. Roisin x  

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