The Magic of Frozen 2 💙

*This review does not contain spoilers!

I thought it was really important to share my thoughts on Frozen 2 with all of you. It’s fair to say that Frozen Mania has hit our household in the past few weeks. ( I’ve been dressing like this every day) 😆 I LOVE  Frozen and in the run up to the release of Frozen 2, I have spent a lot of time watching the movie and playing the soundtrack on repeat… Oh and also belting out a few songs along the way! But… I love Frozen 2 even more! (is that ok?) Gareth still prefers the original – we had a bi debate about it! Honestly, it is just wonderful.

I realised how much Elsa and Anna remind me of my two boys – maybe that’s why I feel such an affinity with it? I was so excited to see the movie with my family after such a big build up and it really did not disappoint. The boys, Gareth and myself were completely transfixed to the screen from start to finish, which is not always an easy feat with a three year old.  I loved seeing such special characters back on the big screen sharing another part of the Frozen adventure with us. I have read some reviews saying that they felt that Frozen 2 was a little darker than the original. I did not really feel the same. There were a few “scary” moments but they were quickly replaced with something so funny that you end up laughing out loud!

I actually thought that found myself laughing more in Frozen 2 than I did in the original, Olaf was the star of the show! I was actually laughing so loudly that Gareth nudged me to stop. One of my favourite moments was Kristoff’s ballad and lets just say Michael Bolton l eat your heart out! It is sooo good! honestly, I am sitting here grinning at the thought of it! Overall its a 10 out of 10 for me. I think that the team should very proud of the storyline, the animation, the characters, the soundtrack! They have created a movie that will be loved by families all over the world and I for one, CAN NOT wait to see it again!

Let me know below if you enjoyed the movie too? Love Roisin x      

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